Digital TV
Hong Kong has entered into the Digital era. Viewers can now enjoy better television reception, clearer pictures, better sound quality, etc. The new technology also enables new applications such as high-definition TV (HDTV) and interactive TV services. In order to enjoy all these benefits, viewers have to equip themselves with the necessary devices (e.g. upgrading their antennae system, purchase of set-top boxes or integrated TV sets, etc). It is anticipated that Digital TV broadcasting will replace the existing analogue TV broadcasting eventually. For details, please refer to the Government’s website
Digital Terrestrial Television Services
Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) has launched Digital Terrestrial Television Services (DTT) on 31 December 2007 leading Hong Kong into the High Definition Digital Era. To enable viewers enjoy diverse and brand new audio/visual entertainment in the digital era, TVB now operates 5 Digital Channels, including a 24-hour High Definition Broadcasting Channel – HD Jade which showcases the best quality that high definition digital terrestrial broadcasting can provide: clearer picture, crisper sound, etc.
The 5 digital channels are:
TVB Digital Channel Set-top Box Channel Number Content
Jade 81 Jade simulcast
J2 82 Programmes on entertainment, lifestyle, travel, music and popular Asian drama series
iNews 83 24-hour news channel
Pearl 84 Pearl simulcast
HD Jade 85 24-hour broadcast of TVB station-produced and acquired HD programmes, documentaries, live local and international large-scale events

Interactive TV Services
TVB is the first free television station in Hong Kong committed to providing interactive, enhanced features & data services to viewers. Viewers can now conveniently obtain timely and important information at the touch of a button. Other value-added interactive services will roll out in various phases. They include games, tv shopping, voting and survey, etc, embracing the benefits of DTT to the fullest.
Existing Interactive Services
TVBar (available on HD Jade and J2 channels) – listing out information on weather forecast, Hang Seng Index and news headlines. The clicking of the red button of the remote control will activate the TVBar.

News Bar (available on iNews channel) – providing brand new interactive services including weather forecast, stock price enquiry and the ten most active stocks by turnover. The clicking of the yellow button of the remote control will activate the News Bar.

To enjoy all these benefits, viewers must choose higher tier set-top boxes or integrated TV sets (iDTVs) that bear the TVB Interactive logo as below:

Set Top Box with TVB Interactive logo
Brand:OLEVIA  Model No.:ZMT-620FTA
Brand:OLEVIA  Model No.:ZMT-621FTA Firmware Version : 1.2.0 or above
Brand:OLEVIA  Model No.:ZMT-641PVR Firmware Version : 1.0.3 or above
Brand:Magic TVModel No.:MTV 3000 Firmware Version : 3.05 or above
iDTV with TVB Interactive logo
Brand:Panasonic  Model No.:TH-P65V10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-P54Z10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-P50V10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-P46G10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-P42G10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-P50S10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-P42S10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-L42S10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-L37S10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-L37G10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-L37V10H
Brand:Panasonic Model No.:TH-L32S10H